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Ehical Use of Digital Material in the Classroom

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After viewing a Power Point presentation and reading the textbook on the use of Digital Media in the classroom, my views on the use have not change.  I believe that copyright laws make it very difficult for educators to implement technology into their classroom curriculum. Not only does it make it difficult, but it also discourages many educators to even look into using technology and sources in their classroom.

The use of technology in the classroom is definitely growing. Although technology is a wonderful learning tool that many teachers are using, it is very important to use appropriately any type of digital material. Technology and any type of digital material are great to bring into the classroom. Plus it is somewhat easy to control if you, as the teacher, are properly and ethically utilizing the content. However, if you are still worried about using technology or integrating certain digital material into your classroom, there are many teacher resources that can help. There are websites that have links to specific, kid-friendly search engines. There are a plenty of websites that will provide you with a checklist to ensure that you are utilizing the material correctly, effectively, and most importantly morally.

To ensure that we are not violating copyright in the classroom I would make sure the student’s know what is appropriate technology use and why this is the case.  I would also include making wise choices when faced with the temptations of potentially harmful or illegal computer activities.  Primarily for middle to high school students, need a frame work of digital ethics and values that defines how to live and act in a digital world.  It is crucial that teachers are spending time educating their students, as well as their colleagues, on this material. This instruction should be guided with worksheets, and small quizzes similar to the one taken in class. Another great instructional tool would be to have the students create real and fake plagiarism scenarios. Then each student can present their scenario to the class and this presentation can serve as a hands on, and interactive quiz of knowledge.


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